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Portfolio optionsAmazing portfolio options.

About Portfolio Options

Finex has 6 different portfolio templates which you can use for your items. Mainly there are two types of portfolio templates that have a diffrent style (thumbnail view and hover effect). Both are available in 2, 3 and 4 column version.

If using first type of portfolio items you may choose to have thumbnails presented as featured image or to already have the item shown in it's type (video, slideshow).For every portfolio item you can assign the opening type. Options are pop up and description page.

Both styles of portfolio items are also added to page builder. This offers you to have portoflio items on any page you want.

Single portfolio item can be build using the page builder.

Example 4 columns - 2 hovers

Example 3 columns - 2 hovers

Example 2 columns - 2 hovers